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Walnut Bisquit
500 gr. Pantespani Mix
300 gr. eggs
125 gr. water
120 gr. walnuts crushed
Banana Mousseline
200 gr. Easy White Patisserie
250 gr. milk
500 gr. puree Banana 10% sugar
20 gr. lemon juice
250 gr. GIOIA margarine
Caramel Ganache
500 gr. Décor Up Gold Vegetable Cream
200 gr. glucose
200 gr. Caramel cream
950 gr. Ariba Milk Discs 36%
200 gr. GIOIA margarine
Cinnamon syrup
500 gr. water
500 gr. sugar
3 pc cinnamon sticks
Décor Mirall White
500 gr. Mirall White
gr. water


Walnut Bisquit

Step 1

Roast the walnuts.

Step 2

Beat all the ingredients together in the mixer for 6 minutes on high speed.

Step 3

spread 500 gr. on a 40×60 baking tray and bake at 160 degrees for 7 minutes.

Banana Mousseline

Step 1

Place the easy white patisserie with the milk, the puree and the lemon juice in the mixer and beat for 1 minute on the 1st speed.

Step 2

Add the Gioia mararine at room temperature and beat on the 3rd speed for 5 minutes.

Caramel Ganache

Step 1

Boil the cream with the glucose and the caramel cream in a saucepan.

Step 2

Put the chocolate and margarine in a bowl and pour over the hot cream.

Step 3

Homogenize and leave the ganache to set.

Cinnamon Syrup

Step 1

Make a light syrup by boiling all the ingredients together and leave to cool.


Mirall White

Step 1

Heat in the microwave at 38 degrees and stir slowly avoiding bubbles.

Metallizzato Bronze il Punto

Put a few rops of alcohol in the Metallizzato Bronze powder, with a cutter form circles on the mirall.

Composition of the dessert

Put a walnut bisquit on a baking paper, add syrup, then spread a thin layer of banana mousseline, put another walnut bisquit, add syrup, a thin layer of caramel ganache, another walnur bisquit, syrup and finally another layer of banana mousseline. Let it freeze, glaze with the mirall white and flatten with a spatula, let the mirror stabilize and cut into rectangular pieces. Finally we create a circle in each piece with metallizzato bronze.

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