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White Base Recipe
1000gr. milk 3,5%
164gr. fresh cream 35%
224gr. sugar
30gr. dextrose
22gr. Skimmed Milk Powder
50gr. Gold 50 F.C.
200gr. Brunella Nocciola Master Martini
30gr. hazelnuts


Step 1

In a mixing bowl, add the white base, the dextrose and the hazelnut paste.

Step 2

Use an immerse mixer to thoroughly mix the base until it’s evenly distributed. Make sure it’s well blended.

Step 3

“When you’re ready to make gelato, pour the mixture into your ice cream maker.
Churn the gelato according to your ice cream maker’s instructions. It will thicken and increase in volume as it freezes and incorporates air.”

Step 4

Garnish the gelato with the brunella nocciola and some crushed or whole hazelnuts.

Step 5

Store the gelato in the freezer for a few hours to firm it up for a scoopable consistency.

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