We source our products from the very best companies across Europe

Makedoniki Halvatzis, Greece

Makedoniki is a Greek company that offer the best quality products from the land to the consumers and retailers. They produce a variety of products such as jams, condiments, fruit preserves, honey, canned fruits and ready meals & vegetables.

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Mae Innovation, France

Maé Innovation started its activity more than 25 years ago. The company then manufactured standard and tailor-made silicone moulds for making sugar decorations and, more generally, for creating pastries. Maé quickly gained a valued reputation among pastry and chocolate craftsmen.

Since 2001, Maé Innovation has been exporting its products abroad and is now present on all 5 continents

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Couplet Sugars, Belgium

Couplet is a family business for 175 years and is now being run by the sixth generation. They specialise on sugar products and continue to grow their presence on the international market in more than 60 countries.  Quality is a priority for them and they always offer the customers the best products that pass their own strict laboratory controls.

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Martini Professional, Italy

Martini Professional is the Unigrà brand designed to be the partner of choice for professionals working in the confectionery, bakery and catering sectors. Since 1972, Unigrà, the company founded by Luciano Martini, has been engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of edible oils and fats, margarine, and semi-finished goods for the production of food, particularly confectionery.

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Backaldrin, Austria

Backaldrin produces more than 600 products designed for bread, rolls, cakes and pastries. They are represented in 100 countries around the world. As a company of bakers working on behalf of bakers, Backaldrin works day in and day out to develop new product ideas and recipes. After a tough selection and maturing process, only the best recipes end up in bakeries all over the world.

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Nappi, Italy

Globally recognized as one of best partners for the most known gelato and pastry shops with products available in more than 87 world countries in the world. The company, in the course of the years, has enjoyed the collaboration of professional experts, i.e. pastry chefs, gelato chefs and the like, creating a real Gelato School, supported by the largest producers of the machineries needed for gelato and pastry shops.

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Foodstuff, Greece

Produces quality and innovative raw materials for confectionery, bakery, cooking and ice cream. With a skilled team of food technologists, technicians for bakery and confectionery, they bring many years of experience and scientific knowledge to produce the best products.

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Bakbel, Belgium

Bakbel is the specialist in producing high quality and innovative ingredients for the pastry and bakery industries. Their focus is on producing high quality, fruit-based ingredients, created especially for the premium fine pastry industry and the food services market.

All the raw materials or fruits used by Bakbel are carefully selected on the basis of their high quality and taste, their ability to withstand pasteurization, their level of ripeness and their place of origin. In order to ensure the best quality in the fruit we use, we make a selection of the best crops at the start of each cropping period.

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Il Punto Italiana, Italy

A company born from thirty years of experience and passion in the confectionery sector of its founder.

IL PUNTO ITALIANA produces a complete range of food colors including: sprays (water soluble, metallic, pearled, colored cocoa based velvets), liquid colors (water based for the airbrush, oil based for chocolate and for fatty masses in general), powder dyes (water-soluble, fat-soluble, metallic / pearly), concentrated dyes, food-grade markers and inks, paints, polishers for bakery and chocolate products, chocolate spray coolers, spray and liquids, various additives, etc. We also have a small production line of cups and thermoformed containers, and gold plates and also some items in plastics.

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Cassibba, Italy

Cassibba is a market leader of superior semi-prepared pastries. They were founded on the premise that the market was in great need of a semi-ready product that helped to alleviate the hours of manual labor but at the same time maintained the quality of the product. Working with top professionals, they were able to create innovative technologies that did just that. Now, Cassibba is leading the way and has become a benchmark for the confectionery and catering industry

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Ewald, Germany

EWALD-GELATINE GmbH is a highly modern and flexible company in the production of leaf gelatine, powder gelatine as well as hydrolysate. It uses the most up-to-date technologies in its production processes. Furthermore, since 2004 EWALD-GELATINE has been producing bio (organic) gelatine, leaves and powder, and since 2008, also Halal leaf gelatine.

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Norte Eurocao, Spain

With more than 40 years of experience, Norte-Eurocao is the Iberic Hub Manufacturer for Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Cookies in the sector. They are independent developers of pure chocolates and compounds with wide expertise in creams, glazes, gelatins, mixes and other specialties. Their products are consumed in all parts of the world and adapted to the various needs of different markets.

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Hillbo, Spain

Hillbo is one of the leading companies in decoration and personalisation of chocolate with extensive experience in the world of chocolate. Great flexibility and versatility in their products are some of the ingredients that got them to where they are today.

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NikiForidis Foods, Greece

The company has been active for 20 years in the field of confectionary, producing semi-finished products of puff pastry, tarts and traditional Greek phyllo and kataifi. In 2016 they moved to a new state-of-the-art space in the Aspropyrgos Indusrtrial Area with a new high-quality production line. This new line was designed under the instructions of Nikiforidis family whose know-how is recognized by all professionals in this field. With faith and strength, they continue their upward course with the support of their customers who have been trusting their quality and excellent products.

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SugArt, Greece

Sugart is a family owned company, that was founded back in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company is successfully active, since then, in the field of cake decoration, having a very powerful production unit and a strong distribution network. The factory produces sugarpaste, sugarpaste ribbons, sugarpaste plaques, sugar articles and decorations, and various packaging materials. We are proud to be the company that envisioned and created the sugarpaste ribbon, presented it to the world market and established the category in the sector of edible cake decoration.

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