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At Angeo we believe in the notion that food brings people together. There is a sort of magic to people gathering, breaking bread and indulging in something delicious.

As a family company, it’s our mission and purpose to be a part of the community around us by bringing you the best products to share around your table and with your customers. It’s our way of being a part of the everyday life and the special occasions that mean so much to the people around us.

ANGEO is a serious and reliable partner for us. They are always searching for the best ingredients and they offer the right product for the right price.

Christos Panteli, Pastry Chef

La Gallerie

We supply our raw materials from ANGEO, meeting the needs of the confectionery department. This company invests heavily in its customers with training trips to its overseas suppliers. Their products are of excellent quality and they are known for their professionalism.

Petros Skitsas, Master Baker


I would like to thank ANGEO for our long-term collaboration!

This is a company that listens to the needs and wants of its customers, offering a range of more than 500 professional products. Its main characteristics are a customer-centric philosophy and the importance in choosing the most appropriate and high quality ingredients.

Andreas Paskouis, Purchasing Manager

A.Tsokkos Hotels Public Ltd

Our collaboration between the Cyprus Chef’s Association and the Angeo Co Ltd started many years ago and it is an example of a high level of collaboration and dedication to the art of gastronomy.

Angeo Co Ltd, started as a sponsor of the Cyprus Regional Culinary Team, and for the last three years, the company proudly supports the Cyprus National Junior Culinary Team. This sponsor is not just a commercial interest, but a symbolic recognition of the talent and ambition of our country’s young professionals.

The success of this partnership is a perfect example of how the passion of gastronomy can unite people and create amazing opportunities for growth and innovation in the field of gastronomy.

The Cyprus Chef’s Association and Angeo Co ltd continue to inspire and create, leaving their mark on the gastronomy of Cyprus and beyond.

We would like to thank Angeo Co Ltd for its long-term support to the Cyprus Chef’s Association and the Cyprus National Junior Culinary Team.

Petros Gavriel, President

Cyprus Chef’s Association

Our collaboration with Angeo began in 2013 and has continued to make us proud and satisfied ever since: starting from orders up to the promotion of our products on the Cypriot market, our partnership has grown more and more until it has become one of our most important partnerships in the foreign market.

For this reason, we also really like to organize demos or events with them whenever the opportunity arises, to share experiences and to keep our collaboration strong.  

Adriana Lucifora, Marketing Specialist

Prodotti Dolciari Cassibba s.r.l.

Our company ( FIS Co.) since 2001 is in constant support of Angeo import activities by proposing new cooperations, negotiating for best terms and conditions, supporting loading operations, organising demo and other advertising activities. Our target is premium quality and exclusive safe business for our customers.

Through decades we became an outside part of Angeo company, represent the company in exhibitions abroad and secure company interest in every deal.

Natalia Tkats -Paraskevopoulou, Agent-Factory Representative

FIS Co.-Food Ingredients Synthesis Co.

Specialisation is key

Why specialization works to better service your business

We are one of the few companies in the market that specializes in our field. Specializing in professional ingredients for Bakeries, Confectioneries and Gelaterias allows us to be experts in the field, bringing our customers not only leading brands but also the knowledge to stay ahead and remain competitive. If our customers succeed, we succeed.

We build close relationships with our surrounding community that enable us to know our customer needs and provide the customer with the best service both at the time of the order and at the delivery. Through our partnerships, workshops, and sponsorships we stay at the forefront of industry and market trends.

Since 1980

Our history

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Tasos Charalambous

Owner / Managing Director

Tasos is the owner and Managing Director of the company. As the only son of founders, Georgia and Andreas, Tasos joined the company in 2008 as Sales and Marketing Manager after completing his studies in the UK.

He loves football, running and classic cars.

His favorite dessert is anything with pistachio, as long as it’s made from ANGEO’s ingredients.

Panagiotis Mitsios

Financial Controller

Panagiotis (Takis) is the Financial Controller of the company since January 2017. With a demonstrated history of working in the Insurance industry, Banking sector and Audit & Assurance services.

He is responsible for Angeo’s Finance strategy, tax planning, Controlling and Accounting Functions. He is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and member of ACCA, ICPAC and AIK.

In his free time he participates in various seminars about personal and professional development. He loves exercising and his favorite dessert is tiramisu.

Costas Constantas

Sales Manager

Costas is working in ANGEO since June 2010 as a salesman and technician due to his career as pastry chef.

He has taken part in several seminars concerning pastry, bakery and ice cream. From 2016 until today, he is working passionately in the company as Sales Manager.

In his free time he does cycling , swimming and gym. His favorite dessert is pistachio ice cream.

Panayiotis Kyimas


Panayotis is the Chef of ANGEO from 2021. He is characterized by professionalism and experience in the art of pastry and baking.

In his free time he writes music, learning history and computer programming and every Saturday ”it’s pizza practice day” for him.

His favorite dessert is the Raspberry Baked Cheesecake.

Marios Sofocleous

Sales Department

Marios is working in ANGEO since September 2008 at the Sales Department.

He likes football and basketball and his favorite dessert is apple pie and traditional syrup sweets.

Nicos Georgiou

Sales Department

Nicos is one of the oldest members of ANGEO . He is working at the Sales Department since March 1994.

He likes gardening and football.

His favorite desserts are all kind of Lebanese sweets.

Yiannis Christofi

Sales Department

Yiannis is working in ANGEO since June 2022 in the Sales Department.

He enjoys going to the gym and eating and his favorite dessert is Lebanese Mahalepi.

Eftychia Azmiz

Sales-Invoicing Department

Eftychia is working in ANGEO since January 2018 in the Invoicing and Customer Service Department.

Her favorite dessert is Crème Brulee.

Andri Panayi

Purchasing Department

Andri is working in ANGEO since October 2020. She studied Hospitality Management at HHIC Nicosia and Human Resource Managements at the University of Derby int the UK.

When she is not busy with her kids, she is probably reading books and watching movies.

She does not have a favorite dessert; she likes everything sweet and trying new flavors.

Vasiliki Kountouridou

Accounting Department

Vasiliki is working in Angeo from April 2019. She studied at the University of Cyprus and holds a degree in Classical Philology. She also holds a Diploma LCCI Higher in Accounting.

In her free time she likes reading educational books and going to the gym.

Her favorite dessert is the Chocolate Pie.

Alexandra Charilaou

Accounting Department

Alexandra is the latest addition in ANGEO and a member of the accounting department as she holds a Diploma LCCI Higher in Accounting.

Her favorite dessert is Profiterol

Gheorghe Ilies Tifache

Warehouse Manager

Gheorghe is working for ANGEO from September 2013 and he is the company’s Warehouse Manager. He likes to play to football, and his favorite dessert is crepe.

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