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500gr. Ariba Dark Discs 57%
Raspberry Ganache
80gr. Décor Up Gold Master Martini
120gr. Raspberry Puree Mazzoni
280gr. Ariba White Discs 31%
40gr. Glucose
80gr. milk
60gr. butter 82%


Chocolate Tempering

Step 1

Melt the chocolate to 45 degrees using a microwave.

Step 2

Pour 2/3rds of your chocolate on a marble table and spread with a wide spatula. Gather the chocolate and take the temperature with a laser gun. Repeat until your chocolate drops to 27 degrees.

Step 3

Gather the chocolate from the table and pour it in the bowl with the rest 1/3rd. Mix. The temperature should be 30-31 degrees.

Step 4

Fill your chocolate mold with the tempered chocolate. Hit them with the back of your spatula for the air bubbles in the chocolate to disappear.

Step 5

Turn over the mold and empty the chocolate. Hit again with the back of your spatula until no more chocolate drops. Scrape the chocolate from the top of the mold and let set.

Raspberry Ganache

Step 6

In a sauce pan put the milk, the cream, the glucose and the puree and bring to a boil.

Step 7

Pour the hot mix over the chocolate and mix well until the chocolate is melted.

Step 8

Add the butter and mix with an immerse mixer until well homogenised.

Filling the Bon Bons

Step 9

Make sure your ganache is beetween 25-27 degrees and fill the bon bon shells leaving 2 mm from the top.

Step 10

Put for a short time in the refrigerator until the ganache’s surface thickens.

Step 11

Pour the rest of the tempered chocolate sealling the bon bons and scrape with the spatula for nice flat bottoms.

Step 12

If your room temperature exceeds 25 degrees, put shortly in the refrigerator until the chocolate sets and unmold the bon bons by turning the mold upside down on the table.

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